5 ways to make sure your B2B IT demand generation campaigns succeed

1. Make sure your agency really understands what you want

 Any agency will tell you they can get you what you need. We’ll collaborate with you in a transparent way to
make sure the brief is clear and the results are outstanding.

2. Don’t ask call centre agents to do demand generation work

All too often, agencies assign inexperienced people to your account. We know that rarely gets results,
so we give you highly seasoned professionals rather than call centre agents.

3. Use the best possible data

We frequently see sales teams wrestling with tired, mistargeted lists. Using carefully considered data,
we sort the prospects from the suspects to give you clearly researched and qualified opportunities.

4. Check your message is relevant to those you are calling

Speaking your customers’ language is key with all campaigns.
That’s why we make sure your propositions are right for your market – in up to 25 languages.

5. Help your prospecting by calling at the right time

Nurturing a B2B lead isn’t easy in IT. To win, you need to use patience and perseverance plus a deep
knowledge of marketplace challenges and how technology can address them.

A people-orientated approach

Companies that have benefited from our people-orientated approach


Delivering an opportunity with the biggest project in Britain

One of the world’s largest telecommunications groups was looking to grow as an Internet-of-Things technology provider.

We provided detailed target account profiling and sales support that led to an opportunity to work on the HS2 rail project, the biggest infrastructure programme in the UK.

“ In my opinion, this is the best marketing and intelligence I have received on any accounts in my time at Vodafone’.”

Senior IoT Solution Sales Manager, Vodafone

Why do agencies just talk about their favourite campaigns?

The people we are and the way we do things, the campaign delivery team, are also well respected as part of the marketing mix.

It can be hard these days to win plaudits, yet this is what our clients think about Europa Communications.

“It’s great to work with Europa – their campaign best practice methodology is really organised and has ensured a very smooth delivery for all programmes”

Marketing Manager, IBM AI

The cancelled conference that led to more conversions

A global tech vendor was caught wondering how to drum up new leads when coronavirus killed its annual conference.

Our multilingual team stepped in to nurture the 1,700 delegates that had signed up. And we converted 20% into one-to-one sales meetings, more than the client had ever seen before.

“The results speak for themselves.”

Matt Kent, Senior Marketing Manager, Pega Systems

The Europa Communications’ difference

We know the numbers are important to you.

The conversion rates, the renewal rates, the registration rates. These are the critical figures that prove your demand generation campaigns are a success. But to get the numbers you want you need to focus on people.

At Europa Communications, we don’t rely on bots or fancy algorithms to give you numbers on a spreadsheet. We talk to you and your suspects.

We create trust. We build relationships.

In a sector obsessed with smart technology and artificial intelligence, using people is the smartest, most intelligent approach you can imagine.

We field experts, not call centre agents
We work for you in any time zone
Our researchers are technology experts
We can scale to service all your needs
All our account teams are marketers
We can build and enrich your data
We can handle up to 25 languages
Our researchers understand sales
We can work with any CRM you want

Our Campaign Delivery Process

Europa Communications’ total quality best practice methodology provides a collaborative framework for our staff and clients alike, ensuring every campaign is created, managed and completed in a structured, consistent, accountable way.

Our Campaign Delivery Process

About Europa Communications

Our background

Europa Communications was founded as a global B2B technology-focused demand generation consultancy more than a quarter of a century ago and has established a reputation for delivering quality opportunities and long-term lead nurturing techniques.

A management buyout in 2020 saw Europa Communications transformed into a truly 21st Century demand generation business.

Today we support global campaigns in as many as 25 languages and offer a practical, collaborative and consultative approach along with a unique distributed non-call centre operation methodology.

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