Not just a pretty new face

Europa Communications has had a facelift. From this month, we have a new corporate identity, with a new logo and a new website. Obviously, we are excited with the changes and are keen to hear your thoughts on the new look. But as with any rebranding project, what really matters is what’s under the bonnet.

For us, the real change started with our management buyout last September, shaped by the extraordinary times we have all been experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

Our change in ownership saw us poised to embrace new ways of thinking and working, a process that could only be accelerated by the need to adapt to the ongoing COVID emergency.

Our clients too have had to change the way they do business: face-to-face meetings and events are out, virtual communication and contact is in. Not surprisingly, our lead nurturing skills are perfect for this new environment.

We have seen a surge in new clients in the last quarter and are delighted to be delivering results to keep their businesses growing. By the same token, we are aware that some companies have decided to batten down the hatches, and that is perhaps a challenge.

Even the Harvard Business Review reckons it is a bad idea to stop marketing in a downturn. “During recessions it’s more important than ever to remember that loyal customers are the primary, enduring source of cash flow and organic growth,” it says.

“Marketing isn’t optional—it’s a ‘good cost,’ essential to bringing in revenues from these key customers and others.”

Naturally though, now might not be a great time to throw money at scattergun marketing campaigns. However, highly targeted demand generation work can be exceptionally effective. The clients of ours that recognise this will no doubt emerge stronger and richer in the months to come.

Like them, we realise that now is a good time to get out there and promote ourselves—even if it is just in the form of a corporate makeover. And what about your business? If you want your brand to stay top of mind in these uncertain times, then contact us now.