Privacy Statement for Market Contacts


  • At Europa we care about your data
  • We take General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seriously and we strive to ensure data processes are always in line with current regulations
  • We keep to a minimum the information we hold about you
  • We use your data to pass to companies to promote goods or services that they feel, as a decision maker in a particular professional field, you may be interested in.
  • We delete your data when it is no longer needed for these things
  • We take security seriously
  • You have privacy rights as an individual
  • We are happy to talk to you about how we process and protect your data

What data we hold

  • If you are an employee/owner of an organisation that we believe may have an interest in our goods or services, or those of our clients, then we hold personal information on you. We hold your name, job title, work telephone number and email address. This data would have been captured from the public domain, from speaking to someone at your company or from speaking with you directly. We have a legitimate interest in processing this information because it forms the basis of our lead generation business. A legitimate interest balancing and necessity test has been carried out and this can be obtained by emailing us at
  • We will hold this data, along with the key points of any discussion we have had with you until such point that we believe we no longer have a lawful basis to hold it, or you request us to remove it. 
  • We abide by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) when we contact you. 

Transfers of your data outside of the EEA
If you are based outside the EEA, then your details will be processed by our third parties also based outside of the EEA.

Third parties
We also have a small number of companies providing services to us. These are our processors and we have confirmed that they all meet the requirements of EU data protection laws. They are mentioned in the relevant parts of our privacy statement so you are aware of when we use them.

Protecting your data
As an organisation, Europa is committed to protecting personal data. This includes technical security measures (e.g. intrusion, detection, firewalls, monitoring), encryption of personal data, restricted access to personal data, protection of our physical premises and hard assets, maintaining security measures for our team members (e.g. pre-screening), a data-loss prevention strategy and regular testing of our security procedure.

Call recording
We do not record telephone calls with market contacts. This may change in the future, but if it does, don’t worry, we will let you know.

Your rights
You have numerous rights in respect of our processing of your personal data. The relevant rights are, that you can request on demand:

  • A copy of your personal data and information about our processing of it
  • That we delete information on you if we do not need to hold it
  • That we correct any personal data that we hold on you
  • That we stop processing your data, for certain things, e.g., marketing although we can still hold it
  • That we move your data to another organisation’s IT system electronically

If you want to exercise any of these rights, please just contact us on
You also have the right to lodge a complaint about our processing with a supervisory authority — in the UK that is the ICO whose details are here: 

Contact us
If you want to talk to us about data privacy and how we manage your data, you can contact us on

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